Botany Kerchief

The pattern for this piece was a lot of fun to knit and the finished product looks far more complicated than it actually was. The Botany Kerchief pattern is available as a free download from Fairmont Fibers the US distributor of Manos del Uruguay yarns. The Manos Cooperative founded in 1968 was begun with a goal to help develop economic opportunities for women in a country where there were, and are still, few opportunities for work. The Manos Cooperative also provides childcare for their members through preschools and kindergarten which is also close to our heart as well. I love knowing that each time I purchase a skein of Manos yarn I am also contributing to the economy of this country and to the success of another hand-crafter thousands of miles away rather than the mass-produced.

This hand-crafted piece can be worn as a kerchief or a shawl. The yarn used for my piece is from the Maxima line and the color is Fractal which has a lovely blend of fucia, navy and purple. Even though this is a worsted weight yarn, the super-soft merino fiber and a light single-ply construction make Maxima a cuddly yarn. And I was thrift lucky in finding a navy Eddie Bauer sweater for a mere $3.99 to wear with it at our local Good Will.

#botanykerchief #manosdeluruguay #maximaline

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