Knitting – A Must Have Life Skill

Growing up in the south, knitting was not something I encountered very often, however my Grandma Vida is accomplished at crochet and lace making so I was exposed to fiber arts at an early age. My Grandma Vida bought me my very first embroidery project, a bib which I made and gave away as a gift. Later, at the age of 14, my mother and I were invited to a Creative Circle party where she purchased me several kits which I cross stitched and still have today nicely framed.

Ever since I walked into a yarn shop and saw the endless possibility of things to knit if I acquired said skill, I was ready to give it a try. Once I completed my first simple project, I was hooked.

You Can Take It With You – This is what I probably like most about knitting. Most creative pursuits require their own space in which to live and be worked on, but not knitting. I can take it with me wherever I go…appointments, out to dinner, the kids’ game practices and traveling.

It’s Perfect for Multitasking – I hate wasting time and find it difficult to sit idle so knitting is perfect! I can knit while watching TV with the family and especially with Shane while he’s watching his hunting shows, without feeling like I’m wasting time.

Helps Me Relax – I wish I had discovered knitting during the years when I was stuck in the rat race. Now it’s the way I relax after the rigors of the daycare my husband and I have in our home. It’s the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. For those of you still in the rat race, put the iPhone down and pick up some knitting needles.

It’s Good for Your Health – Knitting calms, relaxes, and keeps me centered with its repetitive movements. Knitting helps manage stress and lowers my blood pressure.

Knitting is Art – Each piece I knit is either art to display or art to wear. Last year I made each of the kids a knitted item or two for Christmas rather than spending money on gifts. They are each unique, personal and made from yarn that is a much higher quality than the mass produced knits found at the store.

Making Friends – It never fails that when I am knitting in public someone will strike up a conversation usually just wanting to know what I’m knitting.

Knitting Supports the Local Economy– Most knitting shops are locally owned and I prefer to buy my yarns from my local retailer because she carries high quality, natural fibers many of which are locally produced here in Montana.

Right now knitting is having a rebirth in popularity making it the perfect time to teach the next generation. So far only one of my three daughters has taken a more than passing interest in knitting. Emily and I can sit for hours and knit together both in person and while FaceTiming (she is a 6th grade teacher in Texas). Knitting has added a level of intimacy to our mother-daughter relationship as we share this hobby together. My two other daughters love knitting as well, but for the unique knitted fashions momma can knit for them and that’s special too.

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