Teaching Boys to Sew

When I first became obsessed with sewing it didn’t take long for those around me to become inspired as well including my two step-sons. It didn’t take long for the oldest son to me if I would teach him to sew and immediately the younger of the two said he wanted to learn too.

Not long after, I was shopping online for some fabric and saw some adorable fabric which reminded me of the boys’ mom and her love of vintage trailers. I immediately knew I must order the fabric and teach the boys the basics of sewing by making their mom a Christmas gift.

When the fabric arrived, I altered a pattern for some PJ’s and we got started with teaching the boys how to read a pattern, layout a pattern and sew. Caleb was not timid and jumped right in.

Jude on the other hand laid out the pattern and then was afraid to begin sewing. So I wound up making the top myself and looking for a way to involve Jude by having him make an eye pillow with the left over fabric. Now that was very appealing to him and he made his mom an eye pillow filled with organic buckwheat hulls and lavender.

The PJ’s turned out really nice and I had fun putting a decorative stitch along the bias neck binding. I hope the boys’ mom was excited to receive them, the boys were really excited to make them and give them to her.

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