One Fabric Kaleidoscope Quilt

Ooooo ya’ll I had a great time this past Saturday at Vicki’s Down Under with Anna Waller and a handful of stellar quilters! Learning from Anna is “sew” much fun as we were learning how to take the concept of the one-block-wonder to another level.

Using In The Beginning Fabrics and designs by Jason Yenter, we were carefully stacking our fabrics and making some amazing quilts. These kaleidoscope quilts use Jason Yenter’s marvelous border prints and are really fun to put together.

Believe it or not, no two quilts are the same even if you are using the same fabric because depending on how you place your triangle will determine how your kaleidoscope block looks.

I started my quilt Saturday and I’m about to load it up on my long arm just a few days later and I got to spend some time sewing with these great ladies.

I loved making this quilt so much I decided to add the Winter Blooms Quilt Kit to my shop!!! So I’ve got an order in for the fabric necessary to put together a limited number of kits. Kits will ship in late May, early June as soon as the fabric arrives. Get them while they last.

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